Amber Dragon "Dusk"


Card Name Amber Dragon "Dusk"
Japanese Name アンバー・ドラゴン“黄昏”
Pronunciation Anbaa Doragon Dasuku
Grade 2 Skill Intercept
Type Normal Unit Trigger -
Clan Kagero Race Flame Dragon
Shield 5000 Nation Dragon Empire
Power 9000 Critical 1
Effect Text Continuous【V】: If you have a
"Amber Dragon "Daylight"" in your soul,
this unit gets +1000 power.
Auto【V】: When this unit attacks a
vanguard, this unit gets +2000 power
until the end of the battle.

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Other Info

No. Illust. Flavor Card Image
Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows BT04/018 RR NINNIN 認めてやる。お前には、本気を出す価値があるようだ。 Image
Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows BT04/S09 SP NINNIN いいだろう、本気の俺を見せてやるっ! Image