Amber Dragon "Eclipse"


Card Name Amber Dragon "Eclipse"
Japanese Name アンバー・ドラゴン“蝕”
Pronunciation Anbaa Doragon "Ikuripusu"
Grade 3 Skill Twin Drive!!
Type Normal Unit Trigger -
Clan Kagero Race Flame Dragon
Shield - Nation Dragon Empire
Power 10000 Critical 1
Effect Text Continuous【V】 : If you have a
"Amber Dragon "Dusk"" in your soul, this unit
gets +1000 power.
Activate【V】: [Counterblast (2)] During
that turn, this unit gets "Auto【V】: When
this unit's attack hits a vanguard, choose
up to two of your opponent's rear-guards,
and retire them".

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Other Info

No. Illust. Flavor Card Image
Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows BT04/006 RRR NINNIN 消え失せろ、全ての光よ。 エターナル・イクリプス! Image
Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows BT04/S06 SP NINNIN 光は闇に呑まれる物。 蝕め、エターナル・イクリプス! Image