Beast Knight Garmall


Card Name Beast Knight, Garmall
Japanese Name 獣騎士 ガルモール
Pronunciation Juukishi Garumooru
Grade 2 Skill Intercept
Type Normal Unit Trigger -
Clan Royal Paladin Race Human
Shield 5000 Nation United Sanctuary
Power 8000 Critical 1
Effect Text Auto: [Choose a «Royal Paladin» from your
hand, and discard it]
When this unit is placed
on V or R, if you have a «Royal Paladin»
vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do,
search for up to one "Snogal" or "Brugal" from
your deck, call it to R, and shuffle your deck.

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Other Info

No. Illust. Flavor Card Image
Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows BT04/040 R Daisuke Izuka お前達の牙を貸してくれっ! Image