Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows


Release Date: 2011/10/29
Total of 80 cards (RRR x8, RR x12, R x20, C x40) + SP cards x12 (Parallel)
The package illustration is of Ren Suzugamori with Blaster Dark, Blaster Javelin, Fullbau and Darkside Trumpeter.
The booster's slogan is "Followers of the Empty Power, now gather here…"

  • Evolging-type units from First Vanguard to Grade 3 are introduced.
  • The new «Shadow Paladin» clan are introduced.
  • The first booster to have only introduced 1 new clan, and feature support for 5 existing clans instead.
  • More Trigger Units are included, making «Shadow Paladin», «Dimension Police» and «Megacolony» decks possible.
  • The shininess of the R cards have changed once again, and RR cards dismissed the glitter effect from previous sets, choosing to use a flat rainbow gradient.
  • First card (Phantom Blaster Dragon) to have an alternate art for its SP version since Descent of the King of Knights, is included in this set.
  • Boxes of the first prints come with a deck case featuring Goddess of the Full Moon Tsukuyomi at a ratio of one per two boxes.

Card List

Card No. Name Rarity
BT04/001 Phantom Blaster Dragon RRR/SP
BT04/002 Dark Maiden, Macha RRR/SP
BT04/003 Skull Witch Nemain RRR/SP
BT04/004 Enigman Storm RRR/SP
BT04/005 Evil Armor General, Giraffa RRR/SP
BT04/006 Amber Dragon "Eclipse" RRR/SP
BT04/007 Heat Nail Salamander RRR
BT04/008 Stern Blaukruger RRR/SP
BT04/009 Dark Metal Dragon RR/SP
BT04/010 Gururubau RR
BT04/011 Dark Shield, Mac Lir RR
BT04/012 Enigman Wave RR
BT04/013 Cosmo Beak RR
BT04/014 Diamond Ace RR
BT04/015 Commander Laurel RR
BT04/016 Elite Phantom, Giraffa RR
BT04/017 Paralyze Madonna RR
BT04/018 Amber Dragon "Dusk" RR/SP
BT04/019 Blaukruger RR/SP
BT04/020 Fang of Light, Garmall RR/SP
BT04/021 Demon God of the Silver Spear, Gusion R
BT04/022 Dark Mage, Badhabh Caar R
BT04/023 Dark Knight, Rugos R
BT04/024 Blaster Dark R/SP
BT04/025 Fullbau R
BT04/026 Enigman Rain R
BT04/027 Twin Order R
BT04/028 Platinum Ace R
BT04/029 Cosmo Roar R
BT04/030 Enigman Flow R
BT04/031 Death Warden Antlion R
BT04/032 Violent Vesper R
BT04/033 Water Gang R
BT04/034 Gloom Flyman R
BT04/035 Larva Phantom, Giraffa R
BT04/036 Lizard Soldier, Raopia R
BT04/037 Amber Dragon "Dawn" R
BT04/038 Armored Fairy, Spieler R
BT04/039 Blaujunger R
BT04/040 Beast Knight, Garmall R
BT04/041 Demon World Castle, Donnerschlag C
BT04/042 Demon World Castle, Fatalita C
BT04/043 Black Sage, Charon C
BT04/044 Nostrum Witch, Arianrhod C
BT04/045 Doranbau C
BT04/046 Blaster Javelin C
BT04/047 Zapbau C
BT04/048 Grim Reaper C
BT04/049 Abyss Freezer C
BT04/050 Darkside Trumpeter C
BT04/051 Abyss Healer C
BT04/052 Enigman Shine C
BT04/053 Enigroid Comrade C
BT04/054 Enigman Ripple C
BT04/055 Glory Maker C
BT04/056 Justice Cobalt C
BT04/057 Army Penguin C
BT04/058 Cosmo Fang C
BT04/059 Justice Rose C
BT04/060 Iron Cutter Beetle C
BT04/061 Tail Jaw C
BT04/062 Pupa Phantom, Giraffa C
BT04/063 Stealth Millipede C
BT04/064 Sharpnel Scorpio C
BT04/065 Raider Mantis C
BT04/066 Sonic Cicada C
BT04/067 Medical Combatant, Lamprey C
BT04/068 Garnet Dragon, "Flash" C
BT04/069 Lava Arm Dragon C
BT04/070 Amber Dragon "Daylight" C
BT04/071 Red Gem Carbuncle C
BT04/072 Flame Seed Salamander C
BT04/073 Eisenkugel C
BT04/074 Dancing Wolf C
BT04/075 Blaupanzer C
BT04/076 Toolkit Boy C
BT04/077 Fighting Battleship, Prometheus C
BT04/078 Grapplemania C
BT04/079 Snogal C
BT04/080 Brugal C


伊藤彰/Azusa/Daisuke Izuka/funbolt/hippo/Hirokorin/KEI/koji/Kou Takano/Morechand/NINNIN/Ryo-ta.H/THORES柴本/ToMo/touge666/ZB/安達洋介/雨宮慶太/伊咲ウタ/石田バル/イトウヨウイチ/叶之明/木下勇樹/強化新型yutori/コガラツ/齋藤タヶオ/齋藤直葵/スズキゴロウ/タイキ/タカヤマトシアキ/田所哲平/茶壱/天神英貴/なかざき冬/西村キヌ/萩谷薫/隼優紀?/前河悠一/前田ヒロユキ/増田幹生/丸山浩/碧風羽/三好載克/村瀬倫太郎/瞑丸イヌチヨ/百瀬寿/森チャック/山崎太郎/由利真珠郎/米谷尚展/竜徹