Future Knight, Llew


Card Name Future Knight, Llew
Japanese Name 未来の騎士 リュー
Pronunciation Mirai no Kishi Ryuu
Grade 0 Skill Boost
Type Trigger Unit Trigger Critical, +5000
Clan Royal Paladin Race Human
Shield 10000 Nation United Sanctuary
Power 4000 Critical 1
Effect Text Activate : 【R】[Counterblast (1), choose a
"Future Knight, Llew", "Barcgal", and a
"Flogal" from your R and send them to your
If you have a grade 1 vanguard, search
for up to one "Blaster Blade" from your deck,
ride it, and shuffle your deck.

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Other Info

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Descent of the King of Knights BT01/012 RR 山崎太郎 少年は夢を見る。夢は、いつか現実になる。 Image