Genocide Jack


Card Name Genocide Jack
Japanese Name ジェノサイド・ジャック
Pronunciation Jenosaido Jakku
Grade 2 Skill Intercept
Type Normal Unit Trigger -
Clan Nova Grappler Race Battleroid
Shield 5000 Nation Star Gate
Power 11000 Critical 1
Effect Text Continuous【V/R】: Restraint (This unit
cannot attack)
Activate 【V/R】: [Counterblast (1)]
This unit loses "Restraint" until the end of
the turn.
Auto【V】 : During the battle this unit was
boosted by a 《Nova Grappler》, this unit
gets +5000 power.

Other Info

No. Illust. Flavor Card Image
Descent of the King of Knights BT01/029 R 丸山浩 ルール無用!ジェノサイド・ブラスター! Image