Golden Mechanical Soldier
# Name Qty
TD03/001 Gold Rutile 1
TD03/002 Death Metal Droid 2
TD03/003 Mr Invincible 4
TD03/004 King of Sword 4
TD03/005 Super Electromagnetic Being, Storm 2
TD03/006 NGM Prototype 4
TD03/007 Tough Boy 4
TD03/008 Oasis Girl 4
TD03/009 Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout 4
TD03/010 Queen of Heart 3
TD03/011 Battering Minotaur 2
TD03/012 Shining Lady 4
TD03/013 Cannon Ball 4
TD03/014 Round Girl, Clara 4
TD03/015 Battleraizer 4
JPN Name 黄金の機兵
ENG Name Golden Mechanical Soldier
Set Number TD03
Clan Nova Grappler
JPN Release 16th July 2011
ENG Release 25th January 2013