Maiden Princess Of The Cherry Blossoms
# Name Qty
TD04/001 Oracle Guardian, Apollon 4
TD04/002 Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya 1
TD04/003 Meteobreak Wizard 2
TD04/004 Oracle Guardian, Wiseman 4
TD04/005 Security Guardian 4
TD04/006 Sword Dancer Angel 2
TD04/007 Oracle Guardian, Gemini 4
TD04/008 Dark Cat 4
TD04/009 Weather Girl, Milk 4
TD04/010 Battle Sister, Maple 2
TD04/011 Luck Bird 3
TD04/012 Oracle Guardian, Nike 4
TD04/013 Dream Eater 4
TD04/014 Victory Maker 4
TD04/015 Lozenge Magus 4


JPN Name 桜花の姫巫女
ENG Name Maiden Princess of the Cherry Blossoms
Set Number TD04
Clan Oracle Think Tank
JPN Release 16th July 2011
ENG Release 25th January 2013