Master Fraude


Card Name Master Fraude
Japanese Name マスター・フロード
Pronunciation Masutaa Furoodo
Grade 3 Skill Boost
Type Normal Unit Trigger -
Clan Megacolony Race Insect
Shield - Nation Zoo
Power 10000 Critical 1
Effect Text Auto【V/R】: [Soulblast (3)] When this unit's
attack hits, if you have a «Megacolony»
vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do,
draw a card.
Auto【V】: When this unit is boosted by a
«Megacolony», this unit gets +3000 power
until the end of the battle.

Other Info

No. Illust. Flavor Card Image
Onslaught of Dragon Souls BT02/038 R 前河悠一 天上天下唯蛾毒尊!ブレインウォッシュ・ウェーブ! Image