Perfect Raizer


Card Name Perfect Raizer
Japanese Name パーフェクトライザー
Pronunciation Paafekuto Raizaa
Grade 3 Skill Twin Drive!!
Type Normal Unit Trigger -
Clan Nova Grappler Race Battleroid
Shield - Nation Star Gate
Power 11000 Critical 1
Effect Text Continuous【V/R】: If you don't have
another card with "Raizer" in its name on
your V or R, this unit gets -2000 power.
Continuous【V】: This unit gets +3000
power for each card with "Raizer" in its
name in your soul, during your turn.
Continuous【V】: If you have four or
more cards in your soul with "Raizer" in
its names, this unit gets +1 critical.
Auto: When this unit is placed on V,
move all of your cards with "Raizer" in
its names, to your soul.

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Other Info

No. Illust. Flavor Card Image
Comic Style Vol.1 EB01/001 RRR ToMo アルティメットグレード!パーフェクトライザー! Image